• Tatiana Buzikova

Tatiana Buzikova

I was born in UstKut, Irkutsk region, Russian federation (Eastern Siberia) in 1981. I work in various techniques but mostly it’s painting and graphic. For a specific projects it could be sculpture, photography, design and so on. In my works I use such mediums as watercolor, oil, ink, colored and graphite pencils, tempera, acrylic. In sculpture I like to work with papiermache,plasticine, gypsum.

Graduated from school in 1998 and school of Arts in 1996. Through 1998 to 2001 I studied at Department of Design, Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil on Architectural design speciality in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Got a degree in Art and Interior Design with distinction at the Department of design Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia in 2005. In the following two years I worked as an interior designer.

From 2008 until now I’m a self employed artist and designer.  During my artistic life I’ve worked on a different projects such as: illustrations of reptiles for several
wall calendars, illustration for merchandise products, postcards, reptile illustrations to order, pillows with hand printed and developed by me print, papiermache
cat’s houses and wall decorations and so on.

I think I am mostly an animalistic artist. My recent interests are people and comics culture. Currently I’m looking towards comics because it’s a wide opportunity for me to grow up my imagination and skills. I think I’ll be capable to create something interesting in this field. And of course I’m trying to build up my own style as an artist. I’d like to work with journals, galleries, publishers, authors as illustrator/artist and become recognisable on some level.


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