• Clare Abbott

Clare Abbott

My name is Clare Abbott and I am a self taught artist from Buckinghamshire. I mainly do child and pet portraiture in graphite,
pastel (always on Ingres paper) and coloured pencil but am willing to take on anything and enjoy a challenge!

I excelled at art in school but was forced to consider other avenues  for a career, and when I left to study Nursing, my art was firmly
placed on the back burner. However I found new inspiration when my son was born in 2010. I loved sketching him, and before I knew it I
was regularly using my old art supplies. My new parent friends loved the work I did and I quickly started to get requests from them to
draw their children and pets. So, Baby Face Art was born and continues to grow all the time.

I love my portraiture work, and I feel my style is ever changing and improving. I am constantly experimenting with new mediums, surfaces
and subjects. My most recent experimental piece is a pastel leopard piece on black paper on which I used a combination of pastel pencils
including Daler-Rowney's artists pastel pencils. Big cats are an inspiration and I am hoping to do more.

I feel that my art dream has already come true as I am now beginning to earn a living doing something that I love and am passionate about.
However, I cannot think of anything better than to be able to carry on my portraiture commissions and to continue to experiment with my
non commissioned work. One day I would love to be sipping champagne at my own solo show!


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