• Brad Kay

Brad Kay

I was born in Cambridge in 1986 and have been interested in art from a very young age. Whilst in secondary school I became aware of graffiti art after being introduced to a few graffiti writers around Hertfordshire, I became hooked on developing my style and letter forms. After secondary school I decided I wanted to take my artwork further and so I studied art and design at the Center for the Arts in Hertfordshire. At college the tutors didn't really appreciate my style of graffiti work, since Banksy hadn't taken off yet, graffiti was still a dirty word. I started customizing trainers for some of my classmates at college and was writing their names on the side of their shoes in bespoke graffiti writing, similar to what the pioneers of graffiti used to do on trains. I quickly believed that art is something you can't really be taught, but something you develop in your own way. As soon as you are being told how to do it, you are doing it someone else's way. I was very determined that graffiti was the way that I wanted to work, I loved the roots of graffiti art from the New York subway era and I loved the culture that linked it to the B-Boy and underground hip-hop scene.

It was underground to the point where nobody should know who you are because of the rules and laws you are breaking as an artist. I wanted to use the styles I had developed from sketching graffiti, and apply them to painting and drawing other subjects instead of just lettering. So now a majority of the time I draw interesting architectural landscapes and absolutely love it. I get to use my graffiti style line-work to create urban scenery with huge amount of depth in monochrome, and always add a touch of graffiti to the final image.


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