• Gail Williams

Gail Williams

My artistic journey started with an interest in life-drawing which then developed into other areas including sculpture and painting. The growing success of this work recently prompted me to complete a diploma in Art and Design at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. Through this study, I have expanded my artistic practice from predominantly figurative work and undertaking commissioned portraits, into an area which explores the boundaries between painting and sculpture.

I studied aesthetics as part of my maths and philoshophy degree at Keele University, and thoroughly enjoy exploring the theoretical underpinning of contemporary art. I am most inspired by the kind of art which makes me look at the world in a new way and art which bridges the traditional divides between genres.

Working within a self imposed set of rules and restricted materials I take a structuralist approach so that I can explore all the possibilities and combinations within my chosen framework. I can see strong links between these working methods and those I employ in my parallel career as an IT programmer and web designer.

My love of new ideas and experimentation has driven my current project The Solid Paintings, in which I use System 3 acrylic in a sculptural way that doesn’t need paper or canvas supports. The inspiration comes from my idea to give the paint itself real depth and form instead of using it to represent these things. As the paint sculptures no longer need the canvas, I am able to explore the way these three traditional elements of a painting can play off each other.

My website www.gailmwilliams.co.uk charts my progress as I explore this new ground.

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