• Luke Wabro

Luke Wabro

Being an artist at school I am currently experimenting with different mediums and learning new techniques, my style is working with Indian Inks & Calligraphy Inks and mixing them with tea. After watching me draw detailed robotic Lego Bionicles when other kids were drawing stick men; my parents sent me to weekend art courses. I started fine art class at the age of 8, where I was taught charcoal, pastels and paint through still life. At age 10 I left to join The Royal Drawing School Saturday club (previously named, Princes Drawing Club) where I originally drew at The National Gallery, however I am now at their central school being taught by the schools graduates and loving it.

Streetlife, age 11, sketching around Oxford Street Pastel Man, age 10, National Gallery


One Christmas a few years ago, my aunty gave me a set of Indian Inks, at first I was not sure about them as it is so easy to make a mistake. I realised that drawings don’t have to be perfect, (unless you are a photorealist) and the blunders add to the character of the picture. I have taken a few of my Ink drawings and made screen prints, which is a really fun and exciting process.

Mandela, age 11 Bob Marley, age 11
YogaBot, age 12 Motion, age 11


The best creative experience I have had, was spending a day with the artist Carne Griffiths, he showed me how far Inks could be pushed, and how to combine them with tea and alcohol. It changed the way I think about art and also developed my use of colour with my inks.

Cheetah, Indian Ink and Tea, age 12 Guinea Pigs – Indian Ink & Tea, age 12


I enjoy entering competitions as they always push me to do diverse topics; I have won a few senior school competitions, as well as two RSPB competitions in primary school. I have received a highly commended for my WW1 drawing. My Pink Bottles work was one of 20 chosen from a website competition to be displayed in The Saatchi Education room. I was one of the winners in Daler-Rowley’s FW Ink competition for my cheetah ink :)

Pink Bottles, Pastel, age 9 We Remember WW1 – Fineliners & Paint Pens, age 12


I hope to meet and collaborate with other artists in the future.

Luke Wabro

My Website: http://www.lukewabro.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wabroartist

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lukewabroartist

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