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Raul Saria

I'm Raul M. Saria, married, 54 years old, an Engineering Design Manager by Profession with a Degree in Chemical Engineering. My work is fully technical in nature and involves a lot of traveling to different places where I meet people of different races.
I am a self-taught artist and I depend only on my skills. I practice a lot and with the aid of instructional DVD’s  & books, I saw myself progressing in the field.  My medium is watercolor - My subject is Variety.

Art comes to me at a very young age.  My mother told me that   when I was 6 years old my grandfather influenced my first love for drawing. He held my hand and guided me to draw stick people, animals, birds and mountains with chalk and crayon. I "vandalized" the wooden walls of our Kampung house in the
early 60's.  During those times, the walls of our wooden house were a very good substitute for a blackboard that we couldn't even afford to buy to prepare us for the 1st grade in school.

I can remember vividly my love for drawing!!! I love to draw and during my elementary days, I always got slapped with stick/cane on the palm of my hand as a punishment.  My notebook was not used to jot down answers in homework but sketches and drawings of cartoons & superheroes. When I was in high school, my love for drawing didn’t change and I thank God that I still passed in academics; even if I just barely met all requirements.

I asked my father if I could take fine arts as a career but he strongly disagreed to my desire, then. Though I pursued a different career, my love for drawing did not wane.  I love to see & watch students in arts sketching or painting and I appreciate a finished work of art a lot.

From my elementary days until now, my inner feelings & emotions about art never changed...it's a mystery that I cannot explain no matter how I turn my head away from it.  I remember that when I was a teenager, I drew & painted the whole day & night and I was full of energy.  I would always walk along the side walk & viewed paintings from galleries. Is art a relationship?

Now I'm almost retiring, whenever I travel, my sketchbook and painting gadgets are with me. I find time no matter how busy I am to capture a scene & turn it into a piece of art - a piece of magic that heals my stress.  I learn to appreciate life in extra ordinary ways, with inner unexplainable joy that I cannot fathom.

Seasonally, I teach watercolor to kids in a kindergarten school where my wife teaches. I also teach group of students in other countries.
I join the Urban Sketchers of Singapore, where we sketch & paint en plain air of our surroundings and the way people live.  We contribute sketches & paintings to local publisher in an art series "We Love our Neighborhood" - books distributed in local bookstore as a manual record of preserving the heritage places & buildings that will disappear due to rapid development.

We participate in promoting art through local exhibitions & events back up by National Art council.  I joined as a support member of American Water Color Society. I never dreamt of becoming a good watercolor artist for I know that, nowadays, there's a lot better artwork than mine. My art ambition is just to share to other people the inner joy & feelings that I experience through my kind of art, that they, too, could appreciate art, the way I do. By doing so, I hope I could help propagate watercolor art and prevent it from vanishing.

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