• Simon Fletcher

Simon Fletcher

Simon Fletcher studied at British art schools between 1968 and 1971. Between 1972 and his move to France in 1982 with his wife and family, he exhibited in London galleries and ran his own landscape design company winning a National prize for best garden in 1980.

From his house in France he began travelling regularly to Germany for exhibitions and seminars, working and showing with painters well known for their modern approach to watercolour. At the same time his work was becoming known in Paris and the south of France and in 2001 France Television made a film about Fletcher and his work.

He has been sponsored by some of the world's largest companies including Hitachi, Siemens, Deutsche Telecom, James Rothschild and The Economist, has written nine books in three languages about his work in watercolour and pastel and has written numerous articles for the International art press, His work has been shown in The National portrait Gallery London, The British Embassy Oman, the Sienese Museum service, the European conference of Prime Ministers, RWS London and many private galleries. He has been chosen as Daler Rowney's featured artist.

Simon Fletcher is author of 'The Painter's Studio' which is specially written for first year students and beginners of any age and packed with need-to-know information.  This comprehensive handbook focuses on essentials: colours required for a basic palette; preparing a support; which are the most vibrant and permanent pigments etc., while describing how materials and techniques have developed over the centuries and how to use them for the best results:

For more information and a full CV please visit www.simonfletcher.org

Simon Fletcher

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