• Kat Davies

Kat Davies

Kat Davies is a wildlife and conservation artist working exclusively in pastel and specialising in big cats, capitalising on the extraordinary connection she feels with lions, tigers, leopards and snow leopards.

From an early age, Kat was fascinated by the wild.  As an infant, she lived in Gibraltar and her earliest memories are of sights, sounds and smells far more exotic than those of her native country in England.  Because of its close proximity to Northern Africa, the influence of that beautiful continent and its flora and fauna was inevitable.  Being surrounded by fascinating objects such as musical instruments crafted from hollowed gourds, to slings and poisoned arrows from the Kalahari bushmen, it was food for her imagination and paved the way for a future in which creativity would always play a part, even when she moved to England and Africa was a long, long way from home.

Whilst art had always been a fascination for Kat as a child, particularly as her mother had been an artist at Royal Crown Derby, it was only back in the United Kingdom and as a young woman that she took up her art seriously.  Recalling her Grandfather’s treasured box of Rowney watercolour pans which he presented to her when his sight failed, her very first set of soft pastels were of course Daler-Rowney!  Attracted by nature’s own colour palette and attention to fine detail, a realistic style seemed natural for Kat to adopt. Within a few years she had begun to forge a career in wildlife art, with her passion for conservation and love of animals at the heart of every piece of work.

Original paintings by Kat Davies are to be found in private collections internationally, each striving to make ‘animal art come alive’. She has exhibited with the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, the Animal Art Adventure at Nantwich Museum, the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society exhibition and has had several successful solo exhibitions, raising money for conservation causes whenever possible. Kat is a big cat artist for DMC Creative World and she also enjoys memberships of The Society of Feline Artists.  Her images are licensed for use worldwide and all enquiries may be made through her website www.katdavies.com.


Kat Davies

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