• Greg Howard

Greg Howard

Greg Howard is a completely self-taught professional watercolour artist who has been painting and exhibiting his work for over 15 years in galleries around the U.K.

Originally raised in Hawick in the Scottish Borders he then moved to the English Lake District before recently moving to Chesterfield, Derbyshire on the edge of the Peak District National Park where he now lives and works from his home studio.

As well as painting and exhibiting his work Greg is also regularly asked to provide watercolour painting demonstrations and contributes informative articles on watercolour painting techniques and materials to various art web-sites.

A note from the artist…..

"My paintings are the result of many years spent walking and climbing throughout the British Isles appreciating the beautiful scenery that we are lucky enough to have in abundance in the U.K. From a very young age it was apparent to me that visiting these places brought about a deep seated sense of calm – ‘life is never that bad’. It also provided me with a more well adjusted view to life and a realisation that we as individuals are really not that big or important in the grand scheme of things.

As an artist I constantly live in the hope that if I can impart even a small percentage of this through my work then I will have enriched someone else life.
I find that watercolour is the perfect medium to capture the mood and atmosphere of the places that I have been privileged enough to live in and visit and when harnessed the unpredictability of the medium can make painting a place I have visited almost as exciting as being there again because when it comes to painting as an artist you are in control of the weather, the lighting and even elements of the landscape. Maybe all us artists have a little bit of a god complex.

Normally my subject matter is completely fictional although occasionally I will paint actual places but will very often paint the impression in my memory rather than use photographic reference material. This may be stretching the bounds of artistic license a little but I have found that this method of working allows me more freedom to paint the scene in a way that conveys a mood or emotion to the viewer very often using scale or weather to heighten the sense of drama in a scene rather than producing a photo-like, picture postcard representation of a geographical location. This in my experience always helps me to produce a stronger more powerful image. Although there is a fair amount of detail in some of my work I feel that allowing my viewer to fill in some of the blanks themselves allows for a much more creative approach to be employed in the actual act of painting thus my work usually ends up being a tentative mixture of ‘realism’ versus ‘abstraction’ with a little bit of ‘romanticism’ thrown in for good measure.”

As well as my busy painting and exhibiting schedule I also own and manage three web-sites the first being 'Derbyshire Watercolour.com' which is my official gallery site (keep an eye on the 'Spotlight Gallery' as this page is updated with new work regularly). My second site is 'The Watercolour Artist.com' which has been specifically designed with the watercolour artist in mind and was created with the purpose of providing watercolour artists with one web-site where they can obtain supplies, tuition, a free gallery and artists resources. My third web-site is 'The Artists Store.com' this is a supplies site for all other mediums which I built after numerous requests from customers at The Watercolour Artist.com. You can purchase a wide range of quality Daler-Rowney art materials on The Watercolour Artist & The Artists Store.

If you have any questions about my work, would like to commission me for a painting or perhaps book me to provide a watercolour demonstration/workshop for your art club or group feel free to email me on greghoward@derbyshirewatercolour.com or contact me through twitter. My twitter id is http://twitter.com/#!/WatercolourArt.


Greg Howard

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