• Cory Trépanier

Cory Trépanier

For years, Cory Trepanier’s oil paintings have captured the natural beauty of our wilderness on canvas. Whether it’s remote Arctic landscapes where few have set foot, the countryside that surrounds his studio, or anywhere in between, Cory’s art is inspired by intense exploration of his subject, bringing a personal vision to each canvas.

In the end, a viewer of these works is faced with more than just a representation of a place and time, but is transported there through the artist’s unique vision.

Cory Trépanier
Arctic In 2006, Cory launched a multi-year painting project called the "Into The Arctic: An Artist's Journey to the North". From 3 major excursions north he is developing a collection of 50 original paintings from some of the most remote and dramatic landscapes on earth.

He has also created 2 films from his artistic journeys, which are airing on television, and is touring the second of these, Into The Arctic II, sharing the incredible north with others on the big screen.


To find out more about this dynamic artist visit his websites:                                   

The Fine Art of Cory Trepanier - Artic landscapes

Cory’s Into The Arctic II Film Tour

Cory’s multi-year Into The Arctic Painting Project

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Cory Trépanier
                         Cory Trapanier   

May 31st 2012

Parks Canada flew Cory to Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada to do a keynote about his painting journeys through the Canadian Arctic; which included 5 Arctic National Park.  It was during an event called GoMedia 2012 and the audience was mostly media gathered from around the globe.  Cory also brought his Into The Arctic II film tour there, and then drove out to the incredible Kluane National Park to begin a new painting. (click here for more info).                                

July 3rd 2012

Canada AM, the country's most watched morning television program, invited Cory back on the show for an update on his Into The Arctic Collection of paintings. Click Here to see video.

 Cory Trapanier                 


Cory Trépanier

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