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devajyoti ray

There is something very cinematic about the works of Devajyoti Ray, that holds you captive and mesmerized as you struggle to keep a finger on the exact moment of life that a particular work seems to depict. Moment is what his works are all about. A particular glance, a sudden smile, a pondering look - infinitesimal moments that make our life so meaningful.

A moment that is capable of telling an entire story. Born in 1974, Ray had been associated with the Kolkata art scene for a very long time, working closely with and following some of the doyens of Bengal art, though never enrolling for academic degrees. His guru Balraj Panesar, it seems had warned him against practice of art without doing something first for the daily bread and butter. He accepted the advice without complaint and learnt whatever he could from his associations with other artists. T

his non academic learning had given him a different kind of edge as he freely mixed ideas from various fields into art, something that was not very popular then, but today has many followers. In the 2004, Ray came up with a new style which immediately attracted the attention of the academic world – pseudorealism. He has since then exhibited in many countries and has been represented in many galleries, fairs and state museums. Pseudorealism is very popular genre of art today and Ray’s works in this particular style is well known.

But what many do not know is that, Ray also makes collages, installations, photographs as well, many of which are highly political and with clear socialist leanings. His series of “Transmigration of Soul” depicting figures from history and their contextualization in the contemporary reality has been very popular. One such work presently exists in the Havana Museum of Fine Arts.

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