• Demetra Soeldner

Demetra Soeldner

I am a retired business woman 68 years old. I have lived in many countries in Europe, in the USA and the Middle East. At some point in the early 70’s I found myself in the U.K. and because my visa did not allow me to work I took some art classes at Suffolk Polytechnic in Bury St. Edmunds. I had been painting since child and I was very good as my teachers used to say. I took two semesters of free expression painting and color mixing. I painted vigorously for the following couple of years and the next time after I left the U.K. that I picked up a brush was in the late 90’s. since then I try to fit it into my daily life sometimes I succeed sometimes I don’t. I always dreamed of retiring so I can paint.

However, it does not come to be most of the time as life has a way of keeping you busy with the mundane. I have taken part in small exhibitions mostly in my town community center and those of some other small towns. I now live in Greece where I was born, near the town of Marathon where the great battle of the Athenians against the Persians was fought in 490B.C where at that time, Phidipides an Athenian soldier ran the original Marathon race from Marathon to Athens 43 klm to let the Athenians know that “Nenikikamen” we have won.

For more informaiton, please contact me: demetrasoeldner@gmail.com

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