• Brent Anderson

Brent Anderson

Hello, I’m Brent and I live in Las Vegas, NV (technically Henderson..but anyhow).

I am a visual thinker and I translate these thoughts/ideas on to canvas.  My weapon of choice is acrylic paints.  However, I do some oil and when I use oil it is typically part of my acrylic paintings.  I guess I would be considered a mixed media artist.

I have always been creative and I was a Fine Arts minor at Washington State University.  It took me a while to learn that art is what I am supposed be doing for a living.  Here I am.  My painting subjects, style and painting techniques change….often.  I always look to push my limits, boundaries and try new things.  I never “settle” for something with my art. 

The details matter and I don’t care if it takes me longer I want it done right.  I’m not a perfectionist but I have high standards for myself.  When I do Pop Art pieces I chose not to use a stencil I do everything by hand.  No disrespect to artists who use stencils it’s just not what I use.
The future is exciting and I am looking forward to making the most of it!


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