Robbie Graham in Wildscape Magazine

The passion for wildlife and the art of painting are brought together in this article about Robbie Graham in the Wildscape magazine. It explores how the combination of the artist’s feelings and the contrast of colours leads to the most astonishing results.

The Wildscape magazine, which has been issued since 2001, deals with the topic of wildlife as an inspiration for artists. In Volume 10, Issue 4, the magazine introduces one of Daler-Rowney’s featured artists, Robbie Graham, who in this article explains his passion for wildlife and how he manages to convey the magic of these beautiful animals in his paintings.

Although he has never had the chance to go on a safari in the wild, Daler-Rowney feature artist Robbie Graham has always been attracted by wildlife and his inspiration comes directly from zoo animals.

By admiring them, taking pictures, or sketching details, Robbie achieves amazing results with paintings that carry many emotions and depict the subjects in amazing veracity. Through his attention to detail, for instance in the intense gaze of his animals, he creates an atmosphere around the painting which powerfully brings the animals to life.

Robbie Graham

Owls, leopards, wolves and all other animals Robbie portrays in his paintings are all painted with Daler-Rowney Designers' Gouache; Robbie’s preferred medium for painting.

Have a look at this article to understand how he uses the gouache to get such wonderful results, why gouache is his medium of choice and to learn from the tips that he offers on gouache painting.

Download the full ‘Art in Gouache’ article by Robbie Graham, published in Wildscape magazine, right here: DOWNLOAD PDF


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